Must see Places of St Barts

Saint Barthelemy or St Barts for friends ....

It is a small island of 20km2.

St Barts is famous for its beautiful beaches of white sand. St Barts is also joyous and festive way of living.

It's a French sailors's story, many many years ago...

St Barts is also the refinement of a gourmet restaurant table,

It is also a breathtaking landscape with a gorgeous nature,

St Barts is a love story between the Sea and the Sun...

It is a little piece of France, a pearl in the heart of the Caribbean, which has through the ages preserving all its beauties.

St Barts : it is love at the first sight. St Barts, one day, St Barts, forever . The first time on this island is never the last one !!!!

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